Exhibitor Information

Fall  Arts & Crafts Fair

Interested in exhibiting?  Here is how to apply:

You have choices of applying on-line or via the traditional paper form in the mail.  You

On-line application:  You may submit 3 photos representing your work plus a photo of your booth.  Put your photos in a .pdf file or submit each individually as .jpg files.

You may mail your photos clearly labeled with your name.  If you are paying by check, please include with the pics.  Also, include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like your photos returned.  If paying by check, please include check with your photos.  You may pay by PayPal/Credit/Debit cards.  That link will be sent to you upon acceptance.  You may use PayPal as a guest and not set up an account.  By doing that, you can use any credit or debit card without setting up a formal PayPal account.

We are charging a  convenience charge for PayPal of just over 3%, that is what they charge us to offer this option to you.

Please check the bottom of this page for links to the application forms.

These are juried fairs. Selection is based on quality, creativity, and  originality with an eye towards attaining a wide variety of crafts at  this show.  We accept only original work made by the artist on site (no  imports, work from kits, or prefabricated wholesale items).  We may  (rarely) allow commercial products, on a limited basis, where the  criteria for acceptance is based upon the uniqueness of the product, and the sole discretion of the promoters.

If you are sharing a booth, each exhibitor’s items must be juried  Please send at least 3 representative photos  of your work and a  photo of your booth setup, if possible.  Please expect that we will hold your pictures until the fair and return them to you at the fair.

Prior participation in our fairs does not guarantee acceptance into any  present or future fairs  We reserve the right to reject any  application.

Booth spaces
Single Booth:        6 1/2 x 10,   $210
Booth and a half:   6 1/2 x 15,   $315
Double booth:      6 1/2 x 20,   $420

New exhibitors are encouraged to purchase a single booth space. Please  assume that and send a check for a single booth space. You may call or  e-mail to make a case for a larger booth space. We are limiting the  number of larger spaces due to limitations of space and our desire to  keep a high variety of products available.

Standard booth size is 6 1/2 x 10 feet, booth and a half is 6 ½ x 15, Double is 6 ½ x 20. There will be an 8 foot walkway through the center of the  concourse with booths on either side. (We cannot accommodate 10×10  setups). We do assign booth spaces as applications are received and  approved. Chances of getting any special booth placement requests are  increased by early application date as well as participation in our  previous shows.  A new exhibitor with a unique product may be accepted  while a long-time exhibitor who applies late may get turned down if  their category is full by that time:  e.g. jewelry and multi-media are categories that may fill up quickly.

We have a web site address and list the vendors who are attending our  fairs on the web site.  We will be listing by business name, exhibitor  name, city, and type of craft.  If you have a web site Face Book, or an  e-mail address that you would like us to publish or link to, please let  us know.  We also have a Facebook page, please like us!

Our advertising begins in a general way two months before the each fair and goes into high gear 2 weeks before the fair.  Advertising includes  electronic billboards, highway signs, newspaper advertising, listing in  phone books, posters, various internet calendar listings, and Beasley  Coliseum sends electronic notifications sent to every WSU Student,  Staff, and Faculty.

WSU Trademark Information
The WSU Trademark Officer regularly attends craft fairs in our area  specifically to check on trademark infringement. Many of our exhibitors are licensed by WSU to use the Cougar logo  If someone comes with  items already made up and without a proper license, our Trademark  Officer will make contact with you.   Contact  the WSU Trademark office  by calling 509-335-2202 or checking this website http://www.clc.com/

Food Vendor Requirements
The main food concession for the fair is operated by WSU Food Service. We  do have various exhibitors with food gift items – dried soup, packaged  candy, popcorn, carmel apples.The State of Washington does require  that our food vendors have Food Handler’s Permits.  Here is a link to  the information.

Parking Information
Parking on WSU Campus is always a challenge that is complicated by the large events on Campus.  One major concern is the presence of RV’s on Campus.  Please follow this link to WSU Transportation Services for further clarification .  RV’s will cost $100 to have them on the Campus after unloading.  They are very restricted as to where then can be parked and on the loading and unloading areas.  We work closely with WSU Transportation Services (Parking) to do the best we can to be clear about the rules and regulations.  You may call or e-mail for further clarification.

Application Availability and Deadline
The applications for our WSU Moms’ Spring Fair will always become available on the very  last week of December of each year.  There will be a link at the bottom  of this page taking you to the application for the Fall Fair.     If you have problems with the form on this site, please e-mail me and I will send it as an attachment.  dlgenterprises@turbonet.com.

Application deadline for the Moms’ Spring Fair is March 1.  Early application is encouraged for this fair.

Application deadline for the Autumn Festival is open until filled.  At this point, please apply, we generally have some space available.

Lodging Options: pullmanchamber.com/visit-pullman/where-to-stay

Vendor Requirements:

•Booth Fee, non-refundable after acceptance.

•Vendors must remain set up for the entire  fair.

•Vendors must provide their own tables, chairs, and long extension cords if electricity is anticipated.

•We do not accept post-dated checks.

•We do not cash your check until acceptance.  If your check clears your bank, you have been accepted, please check with us if you did not receive acceptance materials.

•No smoking or alcohol allowed in the building.

•Exhibitors are responsible for the collection and payment of Washington State Sales Tax.  Temporary tax numbers are available from the Tax Information Center, Washington Dept. of Revenue, PO Box 47478, Olympia, WA  98504-7478, 800-647-7706.  Pullman’s Tax Rate is 7.8%.  We are required to collect Washington UBI tax numbers.


If you wish to use PayPal, please let us know and do not send money until acceptance.  Using check?  Please send check with application.


WSU Mom’s Spring Arts and Crafts Fair application will be available on-line January 1, 2019.

Fall PDF Download 2018:  Fall Arts & Crafts Fair 2018 Application

Fall On-Line Application 2018: